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Trying Hard

2008-07-12 02:33:31 by JFrosty

Hey everyone!

I really am trying to come up with something new, but I just can't focus on one song. I've got a couple remixes, and one original one, though I'm not sure I like it enough yet. It needs more work.

Really, releasing two songs in over a year on Newgrounds really makes of me a lazy person. I'll try and get some more up soon!


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2008-10-09 20:45:01

well, i think what you should do is just not concentrate one one of your songs you realy can only make one kinda of song depending on how you feel your going to make a dance song when your happy a blues song when your sad and a metal song when your angry. keep that in mind. also only make a song when you feel like it. you cant rush greatness :) btw im a flash animator but its the same concepts


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