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Looks like I'm back

2010-01-19 23:59:37 by JFrosty

After a somewhat long hiatus, I'm working on some stuff again.

Hopefully, you guys will like it, even though I know most of what I do isn't always easy to like for everyone.


Trying Hard

2008-07-12 02:33:31 by JFrosty

Hey everyone!

I really am trying to come up with something new, but I just can't focus on one song. I've got a couple remixes, and one original one, though I'm not sure I like it enough yet. It needs more work.

Really, releasing two songs in over a year on Newgrounds really makes of me a lazy person. I'll try and get some more up soon!

Sweet Jesus!

2007-08-31 17:17:55 by JFrosty

Never wrote anything here, so I thought I might as well do.

This is my wonderful page. Not much stuff currently. Only submitted one song to Newgrounds, but that's fine with me. I'm working on new things that I might someday finish and then put on here, but don't count on that. I have a tendency not to finish what I start. Especially when it comes to music and Flash animations. Hell, I gave up on Flash a long time ago. I constantly had maybe 2-3 projects at the same time, and never even concluded one. None. At all!

And then the little drawing talent I had went away, so I somewhat turned to music. And cinema.

So yeah, have fun doing nothing at all on my page.